Why “Wheel Life Thinking”?

Wheel of Life Chart (without titles)

This is a sample of a Wheel of Life chart without the titles.

     I worked for Marriott International for over 23 years. From time to time, I went to a training seminar given by the HR Department. One seminar I attended introduced me to the concept of a “Wheel of Life“. I LOVED IT! The seminar was over 15 years ago but I remember it like it happened yesterday.

     What is the “Wheel of Life“? In short, it’s life balance. It’s all the areas of your life that contribute to your happiness and well-being. The theory is simple. You have contentment when these areas are in balance or going well. You have sleepless nights, headaches and misery when the wheel is out of balance.

     So what makes up the wheel? There are several systems out there. Zig Ziglar’s wheel has the following parts:

  1. Career
  2. Financial
  3. Spiritual
  4. Physical
  5. Intellectual
  6. Family

     I found another wheel by Brendon Baker. From the website, “The Start of Happiness“, he has these parts on his wheel:

  1. Physical Environment
  2. Business / Career
  3. Finances
  4. Health
  5. Family and Friends
  6. Romance
  7. Personal Growth
  8. Fun and Recreation

     I’ll show one more example. One that’s a little different. On the website, “Mind Tools“, the wheel has this set of parts:

  1. Partner
  2. Mother/Father
  3. Manager
  4. Colleague
  5. Team Member
  6. Sports Player
  7. Community Leader
  8. Friend
  9. Career/Work
  10. Health

     As I said, there are a lot of systems out there and a lot of wheels. I love the concept of life balance and the constant battle to keep it in balance. I decided to blog about it. My online journal of the ideas and information I learn about each part of the wheel. Most people fail at the balance thing. I figure the more information I have, the better my chances at contentment. Why not share as I take the journey.

     I almost forgot to answer my own question. Why call the blog “Wheel Life Thinking”? Well, Wheel of Life is being used by a lot of people. I thought I’d be a little different. I’ll tell you the wheel I came up with in my next post.

Thank you for reading the Wheel Life Thinking Blog!!

Brent Jackson

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