Me and My Blogs!

If you want to increase your success rate, double your failure rate.

Thomas J. Watson


This is a great quote! When it comes to me and blogging, it applies. This is my seventh blog and my second time on WordPress. My first blog was on WordPress. After a few posts I deleted it. Looking back, I wasn’t ready to blog yet. I had too much fear and not enough ideas to write about. That was me five years ago, scared and boring!

My next five blogs are all on Tumblr. I still post to three of the blogs. I had to focus. There’s only so much time for posting. The other blogs I post to are:

  • Life’s Crazy Journey – A curation blog of things I find interesting on Tumblr.
  • New Coffee Shop Adventures – A curation blog of stuff about coffee. I want to own a coffee shop some day. This is my way of having some fun before I do.
  • Bucket List Collection – This is a bucket list or “before I die” blog. I’m accumulating “Visit”, “Go to” and “Keep calm” posts for all the countries and territories on the planet. People can use them to create their own bucket or “before I die” travel lists.
  • Pinterest Profile – This is not a blog but I like pinning stuff on Pinterest.

The two blogs I stopped posting to are Nonprofit Board Talk and Small Business Social Media. I’m still passionate about both subjects. As I said, I had to focus.

I’m glad I like blogging ’cause this is a lot of work!

Thanks for reading! Please post any questions or feedback.

Brent Jackson

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